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Family Owned & Oporated 

As a local company, we have insight into the needs and values of our South Florida neighbors. This translates into providing unmatched customer service, the best quality whole home air purification and duct restoration. 
Matter of fact, you can deal directly with the owners, Carlos and Gustavo! 754-702-7681

Healthy Employees and Family


Save Money

Cleaning your system makes it run 21% more efficiently, saving you up to $30 every month on your power bill. 
Avoid unnecessary and costly breakdowns : 9 out of 10 AC system failures are caused by dirt and dust, as reported by the Cooperative Extension Services (CES).


Everyday, our research team is dedicated to ensuring that our air duct cleaning equipment and eco friendly products are evolving with the latest technology available.

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You Breathe 20,000 times a day! Yet air quality is often overlooked, compared to concerns about what's in your food and water.  

According to the EPA, indoor air contains 2 to 5 times more contaminants—and on occasion, as much as 100 times more.

As stated by WebMD , indoor air pollution is one of the most serious environmental threats to your health, yet no agency can regulate it, and few studies have been done about its effects on your health.

Ways to Detect a Sick Building or Home 

  • Do you, your family, or employees have symptoms of headaches, sinus problems, eye irritation, runny nose, coughing, dizziness, shortness of breath, nausea or upper respiratory distress?
  • Do illness symptoms go away when you leave or go away for the weekend?
  • Do you notice dirt, condensation, or black mold around the air duct?
  • Does your finger collect dirt as you wipe it across your desk or entertainment center? 

Read More About the Health Dangers of Dust and Mold HERE


Our qualified team of experts will take care of you and will provide you with a free inspection for your system – as well as provide you with the best air duct cleaning services according your unique needs.

It is our dedication to build business with uncompromising standards of integrity. Pure Air Twins provides experienced, certified personnel trained in all aspects of our offered services, implementing the use of state-of-the-art equipment and technologies.